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Boatyards – Complimentary vessel pick-up and return

Gippsland Ports continues to operate its boatyards at Paynesville and Bullock Island, with certain restrictions being applied. These restrictions are in response to the Victorian and Australian Governments, Stay at Home, and social distancing restrictions.

Only registered contractors or GP staff are permitted to access the boatyards for the purpose of carrying out work i.e. NO owner-access to sites is allowed. This includes bringing vessels to the boatyard jetties or slipways.

Gippsland Ports fully appreciates that these restrictions are an inconvenience However it is intended to keep the boatyards operating as normally as possible, while complying with Victorian and National Government regulations. Gippsland Ports is also very aware of the importance its Boatyards play in supplying contractors and local businesses with an ongoing income stream.

In response to these restrictions, Gippsland Ports will offer a complimentary pick-up drop-off service for its customers vessels, with certain conditions. Please contact the relevant boatyard to arrange this service.

Paynesville Boatyard               ph:- 03 5156 6352

Bullock Island Boatyard          ph:- 03 5155 6951

This complimentary service applies only to vessels where maintenance works are to be conducted by an approved contractor or by Gippsland Ports own staff. As stated above, no work can be undertaken by private owners or their friends / associates on Gippsland Ports sites.

If you have any concerns regarding the condition of your vessel that is currently stored at one of Gippsland Ports boatyards, please contact the boatyard and we will happily discuss the matter with you.

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